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125mm Drakon cannons

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RA3 Gameicon.png
- Apocalypse Tanks, about to demonstrate the Drakon's firepower on a target
RA3 Main Cannons Icons.png
The WWIII-era Apocalypse Tank, armed with twin 125 Drakon Cannons.

The 125mm "Drakon" Cannons are the mainstay guns of the War of the Three Powers era Apocalypse Tanks. These heavy assault cannons are known to rip apart many ground vehicles (even Assault Destroyers and King Onis are vulnerable to its rounds) but, as the Soviet commanders said, it was ineffective as an AA (Anti-Air) or AP (Anti-Personnel) weapon.

The Apocalypse's alternative to the 125mm Drakons were their Schuka M-Harpoons, which drags escaping hostile tangoes into its devastating grinders or prevent bigger hostiles from retreating, making them easy prey.