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A-10 strike

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A-10 strike
3 A-10s carrying out a strike
3 A-10s carrying out a strike

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One or more A10 Thunderbolt aircraft fly to the target and attack it with heavy missiles and chaingun fire. Very effective against buildings, but also against other targets that are nearby.

Do you know how to stop an A-10, general? Hmm, me neither. Hehehe!
- Gen. Malcolm Granger, taunting his opponent after sending in an A-10 squad.

The A-10 Strike can be ordered by US generals who reached a rank of three star general.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This support power unleashes A-10 Thunderbolt attack planes at a designated target to unleash a barrage of Gatling gun fire and missiles. Each A-10 carries 6 missiles (3 on each wing) and Gatling rounds. The strength of the strike depends on the support power's level:

  • Level 1: Single A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack aircraft.
  • Level 2: Two A-10 Thunderbolts
  • Level 3: Three A-10 Thunderbolt

At the highest level, an A-10 strike can reduce nearly every building to rubble. It is also useful against massed enemy units - particularly those lulling in an enemy base. If an enemy ECM tank is located near the strike area, the blast radius will be increased (due to the mistargeting of missiles fired from A-10).

Although the A-10s can be shot down by enemy anti-aircraft fire, they are heavily armored and much more resilient than, for example, a Raptor, or even a Tomahawk missile (the missile itself, not the launcher). The aircraft is, in fact, designed to fly with one engine, one tail, one elevator and half a wing torn off.

This is one of the few aircraft that is completely immune to EMP effects, allowing it to continue the attack run even if hit by EMP weapons.

Counters[edit | edit source]

Look at their precious planes burn! HAHAHAHAHA... (static)
- Quad cannon
  • If playing as a branch of the USA military, a sufficient counter will prove to be Avengers. It usually takes two or three Avengers can slice a single A-10 to shreds. The Avenger's point defense laser can also neutralize the A-10's missiles.
    • Townes would have little to fear... as long as his power was online (with sufficient Laser Turrets defending him​) and/or if he has spammed Avengers.
  • If playing as China, utilize Gatling Tanks or Mini-Gunners (Fai) to saturate the A-10 with bullets, and hope it goes down. Chain guns upgrade will aid in this task.
  • If playing as the Global Liberation Army, purchase the Armor-piercing bullets upgrade ASAP, and then spam the feared Quad cannon.

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