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Adriana Maus

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Adriana Maus
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Political information

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Adam Locke's assistant



Game information


Lieutenant Adriana Maus is Brigadier General Locke's first assistant and mission operator.

Duties[edit | edit source]

She also acts as Captain Nick Parker's mission control, providing updates on mission objectives, relaying Locke's orders to him and on certain occasions, coordinating Parker's efforts with local GDI forces.

Maus is also involved in training GDI commandos in recognizing base attack alert sirens and signs of building damage through base assault simulations. She was a qualified radar and EVA unit operator, with training in the operation of the Kestrel grenade launcher, an interesting choice of weapon.

Originally serving in the United States Navy[1], she has attained the rank of lieutenant before transferring to GDI. Among several other awards, she received the Navy Expeditionary Medal [2]. She has found her position to be very beneficial for the Global Defense Initiative.

In-game[edit | edit source]

Cost: 50 Cr
Health: 120
Armour: 0

Her model is available in multiplayer, on servers with the extras variable enabled [3]. To access her, one needs to hold ALT while selecting the characters menu. Maus is equipped with the standard pistol and Grenade Launcher.

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