African Warlords campaign

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African Warlords

Guardians of the East


Red Storm

Part of

Third World War






Allied bases in Mediterranean destroyed


RA2 Flag Iraq.png Iraq
RA2 Flag Libya.png Libya

RA2 Flag France.png France
RA2 Flag Britain.png Great Britain


Destroy the Allied bases

Destroy the Soviet bases


Full Soviet arsenal

Full Allied arsenal

RA2 Gameicon.png The following is based on the cooperative campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
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Seize the oil fields of North Africa. Players control Iraqi and Libyan factions, fighting European Allies. Difficulty is MODERATE.
- Campaign briefing

This is the fourth cooperative campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

Mission 1[edit | edit source]

Your legions have invaded Italy. Destroy all who oppose you.
- Mission briefing

Italy: While the Russians managed to persuade a few pariah warlord states to join their cause, most were only in the war for their own gain. It was a chance for many warlord nations to prey upon their neighbors, to expand their borders and to seize the resources they needed to maintain their failing economies. While Soviet forces fought around the globe, Iraq and Libya seized the opportunity for a joint invasion of southern Italy. Only a pitiful few French and English forces opposed them.
- Commander's Log

Mission 2[edit | edit source]

Greece is our next target. Destroy any Allies who dare to oppose our conquest.
- Mission briefing

Greece: As the English and French rallied their forces at the Alps the combined forces of the Iraqi and Libyan armies smashed into Greece. The Grecian army was overrun in a matter of days but a combined French and British force brought by boat from India and French Malaysia managed to put up a token resistance.
- Commander's Log

Mission 3[edit | edit source]

The French and English have counterattacked in Italy. Destroy their advanced bases.
- Mission briefing

Italy: Their supply lines overextended and their armies scattered across southern Europe, the Libyans and Iraqis were vulnerable to an Allied counterattack. In the 3rd week of the war the French and English attacked, striking at the ports of southern Italy in an attempt to cut-off Iraqi forces from their naval supply lines.
- Commander's Log

Mission 4[edit | edit source]

The Allies have paradropped into the fertile plane just outside Baghdad. Destroy them.
- Mission briefing

Iraq: After their failed attack, the Allies tried one last desperate gamble in the 4th week of the war. While Libyan death squads hunted down Allied troops in the Italy war-zone, the English and French took what forces they had remaining and made a massive airdrop in the fertile river basin outside of Baghdad, hoping to set up bases to siege the city.
- Commander's Log

Mission 5[edit | edit source]

The French have built a massive fortress in northern Greece. This is the last point of resistance.
- Mission briefing

Greece: Assisted by French base defenses, the Allies built a massive fortress in their last remaining stronghold of northern Greece. The French and English held out for nearly three weeks before the Iraqi and Libyan armies sent in their most battle-hardened commanders to find a way to break through the Allied defenses.
- Commander's Log

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