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Alexandria in 2047
Alexandria in 2047

Mediterranean coast, Egypt




Partial Tiberium contamination (2047)
Urban ruin


Yellow Zone



Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Battle of Alexandria

Alexandria in 2047.

Alexandria was an Egyptian city on the Mediterranean coast.

Tiberium Universe[edit | edit source]

After the Second Tiberium War an EMP control center was located in the city. By the start of the Third Tiberium War the city was located in a yellow zone and much of the city was abandoned. Subsequently, Nod assumed control of the area. The port was used as a naval base and a distribution node for weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Docked warship at Alexandria.

The opening Nod offensive of the Third Tiberium War was quickly followed by a GDI counterattack in North Africa aimed at crippling Brotherhood WMD production. A strike south of the city at Casabad revealed Nod's Liquid Tiberium Bomb to GDI and the attack on Alexandria took on greater urgency. Alexandria's capture by GDI stopped the flow of components for the weapon from the area.

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