Alexis Alexander

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Alexis Alexander
GenZH Alexis Alexander Mugshot 1.png
Biographical information
Gender Female
Political information
Affiliation Usa.gif United States
Occupation Superweapons general
Rank 4-star general
Game information
Appearances Zero Hour
  • Karina Thomas (portrait)
  • Jeannie Elias (voice)
My greatest superweapon is my brain!
- Alexis, the US Superweapon General

General Alexis Alexander is a 4-star general in the US Marine Corps during the War against the GLA.


As a logistics staffer in the Second Korean War, Alexander attracted the notice of her superiors with her ability to acquire almost anything. Alexander harnessed this ability further to win a scholarship, followed by a long and distinguished career in the Marines. During the earlier stages of the GLA conflict, Alexander developed a tiered system of defenses that did not allow a single strike on her supply columns. Alexander became known for her strong emphasis on resource acquisition and defense in the early stages of a conflict, going on the offensive only when she has overwhelming firepower that was untouchable by the enemy.[1]

The 42 year old[2] General Alexander is stationed at Camp Franklin, Belfast, Maine, USA, with the Class Number 07121969-HB.[1]





  • Cannot build tanks

General's powers

Generals challenge

Cut content

  • True to her title as the super weapon general, Alexander originally had access to two additional super weapon structures; the Tomahawk Storm and Cruise Missile Silo. Both are partially complete and can be placed in-game but do not function properly due to missing INI entries.

Behind the scenes

  • Actress Karina Thomas provided the images for General Alexander; her voice actress is Jeannie Elias.
  • The weapon shown in her picture is a Beretta 93R model with a flash suppressor.


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