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Allied Council

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Allied Council

Body of the Allies' world leaders


Gunther Von Esling
Michael Dugan
Howard T. Ackerman
Rupert Thornley

Head of Government

Supreme Commander


Gunther Von Esling
Rene Lyon
Robert Bingham
Rupert Thornley

De facto leader

Howard T. Ackerman
Rupert Thornley




Allied Units and Structures Summary


Global Command Centers around the world.

Official language

Global languages around the world.


Global currencies around the world.

Formed from

First established 1946 in the Second World War as a small group.

Date established

Later in 1953 (Von Esling returned government control to the world)

Date fragmented

1973 (after the Psychic Dominator Disaster)

Date reorganized



Second World War
Third World War
Third World War
Post-War Crisis
War of the Three Powers
The Uprising



The Allied Council is the main body of leaders coming from all over Earth and countries under control of the Allies. They first formed in 1946 as a small group from the onslaught of Soviet land rushes in Eastern Europe from western countries belonging to the World Association of Nations. The Allied Council served as a counterpart to the European Council during the Third World Wars and was fragmented after the end of the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

The Canine Research Plan[edit | edit source]

Sometime in the 1960s, the Canine Combatant Research program in Newark, New Jersey was used to attract German Shepherds to become Attack dogs to kill Soviet infantry on the battlefield. When this was extremely bigger, the Allied Council agreed to establish seven more campuses across the globe which are simply tasked with training specially bred German Shepherds in the arts of field recon, tracking, guard duty and other forms of unarmed lupine combat to defeat the Soviets on land surfaces.

Leaders from Allied Countries[edit | edit source]

Germany[edit | edit source]

United States of America[edit | edit source]

Great Britain[edit | edit source]

Greece[edit | edit source]

France[edit | edit source]