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Allied Information Network

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Allied Information Network
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European Allies


Female news presenter

The Allied Information Network was an international television news channel that existed during the Second World War, operated by Allied member states. During the war, the network covered the devastation of Greece by Soviet forces.[1]

This deeply affected Allied General Nikos Stavros, who was born in Greece. His thoughts always dwelt on the destruction of Greece, resulting in a deteriorated state of mind and his murdering of Joseph Stalin in the battle for Moscow.

The newscaster also suddenly reported of a "unique military funding initiative" being approved by the United Nations, and a proposal that called for the "formation of a Global Defense agency", to be temporarily established in an as yet unnamed European capital in order to make sure another global war like WWII will never happen again.

This task force is heavily implied to have been "Special Operations Group Echo: Black Ops 9" -- the covert and international peace enforcing unit of the United Nations and the precursor of the Global Defense Initiative, one of the two main and iconic factions of the then-future Tiberium Wars, alongside the Brotherhood of Nod.

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