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Brother Alphus was a member of the Brotherhood of Nod who served in the late 21st century after the Third Tiberium War.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

He was notable for being a promising and young battlefield commander which led to him being given the important task of field testing the Brotherhood's new Crawlers in 2075. However, during his first deployment, Alphus's entire detachment cut themselves off from Nod's central command and disappeared into the Tiberium wasteland whilst leaving behind a number of executed bodies from Kane's overseers sent to watch over the demonstration. It was later revealed by the Nod-GDI alliance that Alphus was in fact sleeper agent for the Nod Separatists movement led by Gideon who made use of the new Crawler technology to strike at the GDI First Fleet in the start of the Incursion War.

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