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Alpine Assault

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Alpine Assault
Gen1 AlpineAssault Preview.png
Geographical data

United States

  • Urban
  • Mountainous (Alpine)
  • Temperate
Skirmish information


Game information

Generals, Zero Hour


Appears in the ending of the US campaign in Generals.

Alpine Assault is a two-player skirmish map that has fewer supply docks and Tech Oil Derricks. In the middle of this map, there is also an urban town with roads all over the map including train tracks where a long goods train travels past the player's base and goes into the mountains.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Number of Supply Docks: 6
  • Number of Oil Derricks: 4

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The long goods train in Command & Conquer: Generals travels around a bend near the player's base at the bottom of the map. If playing the Global Liberation Army, a Demo trap will be placed on the track to destroy the train and the rest of it being destroyed by the player's forces. In Zero Hour, the long goods train doesn't travel on these tracks no more and only goes into the mountains.

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