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Anthrax Gamma
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+25% more damage for toxin weapons

The Anthrax Gamma might make it a little stronger!
- A toxin tractor operator describing the upgrade

Anthrax Gamma is the GLA's third generation toxins, developed by GLA general Dr. Thrax. This variety is even more lethal than Anthrax Beta. It costs $2500 to upgrade all GLA toxin units at the Palace. All toxin units receive a boost in attack.

This variation of Anthrax shows a purple colour when used on the battlefield. Anthrax Gamma is available exclusively to Dr. Thrax and his commanders.

Game effect[edit | edit source]

Gamma is an incredibly dangerous toxin, killing infantry in milliseconds and doing serious damage to even heavily armored vehicles (due to the fact that it is also corrosive). Even an Overlord Tank can be destroyed if exposed to the spray of a Toxin Tunnel or Toxin Tractor for a lengthened duration. The toxin is potent enough that even when dropped by a bomber it can sap the health of vehicles and buildings alike.

Large amounts of the substance on the ground is a hazard for all ground units, and Dr. Thrax is fully capable of doing just that with the many attachments to his infantry and vehicles. However air units are spared from the deadly effects of the toxin while in the air. They will be destroyed quickly however if they are grounded while a bomb has been dropped or being fired upon by any of Dr. Thrax's units that use the toxin as a primary attack.

Extreme caution should be taken if a player chooses to use infantry and light vehicles against Dr. Thrax, as he can easily destroy them with gallons of the substance.

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