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Armor-piercing rockets

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Gen Gameicon.png ZH Gameicon.png
Armour-Piercing Rockets
Gen1 AP Rockets Icons.png

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army
G toxin.png Dr. Thrax
G stlth.png Kassad
G demo.png Rodall Juhziz
China.gif Leang



Build time


Researched at

Black Market

Hot key



+25% damage with GLA rocket weapons

We're in piercing rockets mode.
- Rocket Buggy pilot

Armour-Piercing Rockets may be purchased by GLA commanders at the local Black Market outlet for 2000. Once upgraded, all GLA rocket units attack with 25% more damage. This was especially important for generals who made heavy use of rocket-armed units.

Affected units[edit | edit source]

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla.gif
China.gif General Leang Arsenal China.gif