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Assault Helix

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ZH Gameicon.png
CNCGZH Helix Cameo.png
Assault Helix
Generals Assault Helix.jpg

China (Fai only)

Base unit



Assault/transport helicopter

  • Machine gun
  • Infantry hardpoints and bomb
Hit points

265 (1.00-1.02)
300 (1.03-1.04)

Armour type

Chinook Armor



Build time

20 seconds

Produced by

Chinese airfield



Ground attack
  • 6 (Comanche Vulcan) (machine gun)
  • 75 (Explosion) (napalm bomb)


Air speed

75 (60 if badly damaged)

Attack range
  • 120 (machine gun)
  • 10 (napalm bomb)
Sight range


ZH Helix Battle Bunker Icons.png
Battle Bunker
ZH Napalm Bomb Icons.png
Napalm Bomb

Construct Battle bunker

The Assault Helix was a more specialized variant of the Helix. It was brought into the scene by General Fai.

Background[edit | edit source]

Come back when you're ready for some more
- Helix, unloading

The default configuration was essentially a Helix upgraded with the Battle Bunker component. The helicopter itself was armed with a single machine-gun and sported medium armour. Its biggest advantage was its ability to have any infantry loaded on, up to eight soldiers, who were then able to fire out from its many ports using their own weapons. For example, a Tank Hunter could fire his rockets at any enemies from the safety of the Assault Helix.

However, due to the nature of the craft and a battle doctrine based solely on infantry, the Assault Helix could not carry vehicles or be upgraded with any of the other Helix upgrades, such as a Speaker Tower or Gatling guns.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

ZH Napalm Bomb Icons.png
Drop Napalm Bomb The Helix drops a napalm bomb into the designated area. Unless ordered to do something else, it will keep bombing the same spot with napalm bombs. The Helix doesn't fire its Gattling Cannon while dropping the bomb (it will use its standard machine gun, though).

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

ZH Helix Battle Bunker Icons.png Bunker Assault Helix is most effective as a transport helicopter since its capacity is limited to eight men or 3 men and a vehicle. It is effective at delivering fresh troops from the main base to outposts, small bases, or troop columns around the map. Infantry being transported in the Helix may fire from within it. This is best used for clearing enemy units and those out of range of base defenses, giving a respite to the base before delivering the new troops. This cost $500.
ZH Napalm Bomb Icons.png Napalm Bomb This upgrade allowed Napalm Bombs to be dropped directly under the Helix, which after each release there would be a short recharge time. This cost $800.

Game unit[edit | edit source]

HA! More room for weapons
- Helix, unloading

Strategy[edit | edit source]

It is used best when loaded with Tank Hunters allowing it to rapidly destroy tanks and aircraft. Loaded with mini-gunners, it can literally rain down hot lead on any infantry and light vehicles below.

Get out there and take care of business
- Helix, unloading

Counters[edit | edit source]

To effectively counter this foe, a general would need to build many anti-air platforms such as Quad cannons, Patriots and Gatling Tanks. As with the standard Helix, an Assault Helix without Tank Hunters loaded onboard were easy pickings for fixed-wing aircraft such as Raptors or rogue MiGs.

Even when it was fully loaded with Mini-Gunners and Tank Hunters alike, aircraft can often speed in, shoot down the helicopter, and escape before suffering any significant damage and losses. This was especially the case for King Raptors.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

  • Zero Hour patch 1.03:
    • decreased health from 300 to 265
    • can now build special bunker and drop napalm bombs

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