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Capital city


Allied Forces
Nikos Stavros

Appears in

Red Alert 1 (mentioned)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (mentioned)
Commander's Challenge (mentioned)


Under the Soviet Union during the Second World War and War of the Three Powers.

Athens is the capital city of Greece. This city is where Nikos Stavros was to survey a town when Soviet forces came to attack the country.

Red Alert Universe[edit | edit source]

In the Second World War, Athens became an Allied Command Center and was home to Von Esling's second-in-command, Nikos Stavros. The Soviets were begging to capture Stavros during a mission where Special Agent Tanya Adams had to help him out. He and Tanya were both evacuated by Chinook (after losing one) during the next mission involving the Fall of Greece. It was later captured by Stalin which destroyed a Mobile headquarters in this city. Another mission involving the Allied defeat in Greece was at Khalkis Island where an ore field was quickly crippled by the Soviets.

In the War of Three Powers, Athens became the Command Center for its Athena Cannons which were used at Tokyo harbour. The Soviets reinvaded Athens to put down all Athena Cannon experiments before they make a transfer to the Futuretech Headquarters in Amsterdam. Female Commanders of the Allies like Lissette Hanley and Lydia Winters use the Athena Cannons which can fire a laser on any Imperial or Soviet target.