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Aurora (Missile)

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The Aurora missile was a structure launched remote-control high explosive missile used during the Ascension Conflict. The missile is launched from some types of capturable "anti-air" structures. Once the structure was captured the owners can manually launch the missile and give it a target. The launcher then had to reload taking about 45 seconds.

The missile was only given limited fuel and detonated when it expired, was shot down, or was impacted. The Aurora was relatively slow and lightly armored until it reached a point where it sped up and dived at the target with a medium blast range and high damaged; reports from both sides on the field claim only four of these in rapid succession could destroy a Crawler making interception important.

An Aurora was also launched by a specially fitted Orca from the B-13 squadron causing civilian transport to be destroyed by accident.

History[edit | edit source]

During the Ascension Conflict commander Parker (if the GDI story is followed) lost his wife, Lilly Parker, to one as a result of friendly fire by Orcas given incorrect coordinates and instead hit her civilian transport, killing her. This was hidden from commander Parker until later revealed by Kane.

In-game[edit | edit source]

In-game the Aurora can be launched from some anti-aircraft batteries, these can only be found in Custom maps. They have 100 hp, limited fuel; which once expired causes them to explode and are slow moving until nearing a target at which point they speed up to a near unstoppable speed. They can be intercepted by AA fire but once reaching 0 hp explode violently. Upon detonation they cause roughly 900-1,000 hp's worth of damage & cover about a 10x10 square grid making them a major threat to any unit or group, especially crawlers. They are classed as an air unit can can be shot down using any weapon that can target air units. Laser armed units (such as the GDI AW-T2 Titan or the Nod Widow) excel at taking out these missiles, especially in single player, as the beams hit instantly.

The batteries have a relatively long recharge time and need charging after capture so they make an important target to take out when possible, if the enemy acquires one and fortifies it, get repair and intercept units ready. The situation gets worse if they acquire more than 3 or 4, unless the player has sufficient anti-missile measures.