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Hong Kong


People's Republic of China


Sun Meiying

BCTV is a global satellite television network of the People's Republic of China. It is state-run and it is through this mouthpiece that China's leaders choose to reach out to the world. Major political and military developments are often announced by the Communist Party through BCTV.

Its main news program is Beijing World News, presented by the network's star reporter Sun Meiying. Predictably, BCTV news reporting is biased towards China and reflected the views of its leaders. BCTV has a major presence in the Asia-Pacific region and has news bureaus around the world.

Mission Reports[edit | edit source]

  • The Dragon Unleashed - Following the USA's defeat in Stuttgart, PLA forces decided it was time for revenge on the GLA for stealing Chinese weapons and half of American technologies to blow up the US Central Command Headquarters. This is part two of the Sneak Attack (mission).
  • Defending The Fire - In China's homeland defense, the Chinese nuclear reactors must be saved and defended from three GLA divisions. The beginning of that mission was a disaster, when Bomb Trucks blew up half of the Chinese base.
  • Liberation - The GLA Commander is winning his victories by capturing European cities and towns with statues. Chinese Command troops must destroy the enemy warlord's foundations and the civilians must support China.
  • Burning Skies - The GLA retreats from Europe, but the Chinese Commander must stop all six convoys before the enemy leaves the area.
  • The Dragon's Destiny - Following the capture of the last American base near Hamburg, Chinese Command and led by Black Lotus, must destroy the GLA and use both enemy arsenals to defeat them.

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