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Central Africa






Small Village
Home to a GDI base


Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


ORCA Theft

Bangassou is a small village and city in Central Africa where the GDI base is located to stealing an ORCA Assault Craft since the capture of GDI Helipads in Mauritania to shoot down A-10 ground support planes targeting Nod forces in Algeria.

Stealing an ORCA[edit | edit source]

Since the capture of GDI Helipads in Mauritania, Seth wanted to misinform and fail the Nod Commander's mission of stealing an ORCA Assault Craft, but for one thing was to avoid exposure of the plan and steal the plane. The Commander was infiltrating the GDI base and came across a Helipad with an ORCA Assault Craft on it. He quickly stole it thinking GDI had already had one before and destroyed a civilian village which was Bangassou before destroying the GDI base and letting the GDI Commander of Bangassou retreat to Zaire before the whole of Central Africa is taken by the Brotherhood and expelled the GDI forces from there.