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Base Ox

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ZH Gameicon.png
Base Ox

Chengdu, China






Under the Chinese military


Tsing Shi Tao

Appears in

Zero Hour


Generals Challenge

Base Ox is a Chinese military garrison under Tsing Shi Tao, a General doing experiments with uranium and nuclear testings. Leang used General Tao's Nuclear Missile Silo in her challenge against any opponent (even him) who refuses her permission to leave and has to battle her in both the town, snow and her primary hi-tech base of operations which is all from three factions in the GLA War.

Generals Challenge[edit | edit source]

General Tao uses hi-tech Nuclear weapons to defeat his enemies coming towards his two-manned bases on the battlefield. He uses a Nuclear Missile Silo which was made earlier with a rocket blast on one of eight Generals' tank divisions and Nuke Cannons to blast the column with destruction. He also uses some of his tanks and Tactical Nuke MiGs to destroy the enemy and carries Nuclear weapons in their arsenal. Tao uses an Advanced nuclear reactor than to the standard Nuclear Reactor, the Chinese have (Leang, Kwai and Fai) against their enemies. He also uses a special truck to drive towards the enemy and destroy them to surrender when ready for detonation.

Melt! Everything must melt!
- Tsing Shi Tao

As noted from the Generals Challenge, the special truck was once used in Kazakhstan at Lenger to defeat a combined traitor operation from giving aid and contributions by China. The Global Liberation Army led by a GLA General and Jarmen Kell stole the trucks, and drove them through a passage with several look-out patrols from the traitors. After finding the Tech Oil Derrick complex and a small supply post, the GLA travelled to the enemy and detonated the trucks. The traitors made a last-minute attempt, while the loyalists destroyed the main base using the Rebel Ambush at last.