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Base Rat

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Base Rat

Jinan, China






Under the Chinese military


Ta Hun Kwai

Appears in

Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour


Generals Challenge

This area was once fertile farmland. Soon, your blood will make it fertile again.
- General Kwai, to his challenger

Base Rat is a Chinese garrison, belonging to China's tank General, Ta Hun Kwai. His base consisted a few War Factories in order to produce his tanks capable of crushing his enemy down south of his base. He also has a Barracks and an Airfield to evenly do more attacks using either infantry or planes. His base is located around some rock formations on some high ground in the north of his battlefield near Jinan of China.

Generals Challenge[edit | edit source]

If the player chooses him, he only has to defeat his enemies including Tsing Shi Tao in the Generals Challenge using Emperor Overlords with other tanks of his and a Nuclear Missile Silo to defeat his enemies. He can be beaten by other Generals in other challenges in different order or in one of eight rounds if the player chooses Rodall Juhziz or Shin Fai who were excluded from the challenge and in charge of using demolitions and infantry in their divisions only.

All tanks beware!, Jarmen Kell has entered the field!
- Ta Hun Kwai calling from his Command Center of Base Rat that a Sniper has entered the battlefield.

Kwai's base consisted everything including Bunkers and Gattling Cannons at the front door, fewer War Factories to produce his tank divisions, a Barracks, Command Center to transmit at his enemies, Supply Center, Internet Center for his Hackers, Nuclear Reactors to power up his base, an Airfield to launch aircraft, Speaker towers, a Propaganda Center and if made is a Nuclear Missile Silo to blast his enemies less difficult than Tao. He uses Red Guards, Tank Hunters, Battlemasters, Gattling and Dragon tanks, ECM tanks, MiGs and Emperor Overlords to attack his enemies and finish them to their deaths. His Emperor Overlords are useful at running over and crushing anything in its path.