Battle Room

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Battle Room
Unit Unlocked

Nanoswarm Hive


1 vs. 1 vs. 1 vs. 1


Arms Race


Future Warfare

Battle Room features the Futuretech Commander in South Africa against Shinzo Nagama and air force rivals, both Giles Price and Vera Belova. It's all three factions who gets to fight off FutureTech and also, three Commanders each faction is under. It's ranked forty-ninth after the Arms Race mission and finally comes the Future Warfare operation.

At the beginning, Shinzo says that the Nanoswarm Hive will have the Commander be failing in the mission to destroy his Imperial superweapon. Both Giles and Vera say that their infantry will defeat the FutureTech forces and win along with Shinzo altogether. The three Commanders were later defeated afterwards with Vera saying that the battle would be different if she had MiGs and tanks instead of infantry, Shinzo giving his superweapon to the victors and Giles needing his air force rather than infantry like his rival who ends her military career for Russian forces in the entire Commander's Challenge war.

Background[edit | edit source]

Futuretech Commander heads down to South Africa to steal the Empire of the Rising Sun's final weapon called the Nanoswarm Hive from its Commander, Shinzo Nagama and unfortunately bad company has been brought in to help him. The bad company came from both Vera Belova from the Soviet Union and Giles Price from the Allies. The Futuretech Commander defeated them in style and brought the Nanoswarm Hive from Shinzo back to Amsterdam for some research. Both Shinzo and Vera end their military careers, but Giles is still on the run as he joins his two Allied Co-Commanders in Russia to beat back the Allied company who still needs one more unit from them.

Briefing Information[edit | edit source]

  • Teams: 3 vs. 1
  • Enemies: Vera Belova, Giles Price and Shinzo Nagama
  • Tech Unlocked: Nanoswarm Hive
  • Next challenge unlocked: Future Warfare
  • Location: Western region of South Africa
  • Setting:
    • All vehicle, aircraft and ship producing buildings are locked. The only exception is the Allied Airbase, but it cannot produce any aircrafts. Soviet Barracks also cannot produce Mortar Cycle. Commanders are prevented from building base defences as well.
    • The player starts with 3 Construction Yards.
    • The player starts with 3 Tech Hospital.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • With the Imperial Arsenal, you can retreat your bases to the sea and build up your army of Imperial Ore Collectors.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The only offensive vehicle available in this challenge is Imperial ore collector.
  • As Crusher Crane and Allied Airbase are still available, Empire of the Rising Sun is the only faction without ability to repair vehicles.