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Berne's coat of arms
Berne's coat of arms





Low Tiberium contamination (2047)
Overrun by Tiberium (2048-2054)


Blue Zone (2047)
Red Zone (2048)



Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Berne (mission)

Man. They did a number of this city. Yeah. It almost looks like it was excavated. Hey whats that?!! Look at the center of the pit. A gigantic bunch of blue tib that what it is.
- GDI Soldiers, Tiberium Wars

Berne was the capital of Switzerland and one of the biggest and fastest developing cities in Europe. The city luckily avoided damage from the devastating chemical missile attack unleashed on Europe during the Second Tiberium War by the Brotherhood of Nod as well as destruction during the Firestorm Crisis.

In the following years, Berne was classified as a Blue Zone and a massive biological barrier wall was erected to shield the city from Tiberium. The city developed beyond these walls, soon becoming one of the biggest and most important cities in the region, a center of economic and political activity. Most of the city's buildings were massive skyscrapers.

During the Scrin invasion of Earth, Berne was one of the cities to fall first. A Mothership entered the city and used its catalyst cannon, destroying the center of the city. What came next was worse. The energy unleashed triggered a massive chain reaction which obliterated most of the city in a giant firestorm. The city center became bare ground, rife with blue Tiberium to harvest. Martin Hoffesommer saw all this, being the only survivor of the attack.

The remaining largely destroyed outskirts of the city were liberated by GDI forces under the command of a celebrated commander in a swift campaign, who also prevented the second arrival of the Mothership. Currently, preparations for the massive Berne rebuilding project are underway.

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