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Black Sheep

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Black Sheep
Unused loading screen
Unused loading screen
Part of

War Against GLA




Somewhere in Kazakhstan

  • GLA Victory
  • Chinese forces decimated
  • Civilians killed

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army

China.gif China


Kill the Civilians using Toxin Tractors and Anthrax Bombs

  • Save the Civilians
  • Wipe out GLA Toxin forces

GLA Commander

Chinese Commander


GLA Toxin forces include:

Chinese division including:

  • Infantry
Wiki.png The following is based on Generals cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Black Sheep was the name of a GLA mission cut from C&C Generals before its release. It was cut due to the controversial nature of the mission; the player is tasked with eradicating civilians in a town sympathetic to Chinese forces. This mission was likely meant to take place between Pillage the Village and Astana City.

The player is given a quota of civilians (typically 300) to kill and is given chemical weapons (namely Toxin Tractors and Anthrax Bombs) to complete the mission. The player also battles Chinese troops, as the People's Liberation Army has a major presence in the town.

In 2009, to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the C&C Generals, Electronic Arts released the scenario for free download. The mission can be downloaded here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • During the ending of the GLA campaign against the USA and China, the second scene shows the cut part of this mission, which a Toxin Tractor arrives at a village square before coming to a halt and starts spraying toxins at the people, eroding the civilian population to death.
  • Interestingly, players can do this mission using Zero Hour as well. If done so, every Zero Hour exclusive unit and upgrade available can be purchased, GLA (Saboteur and Booby Traps at the Barracks, Combat cycle and Battle bus at the Arms dealer, Fortified Structure Upgrade (Generals) at the Palace, Camo Netting upgrade and GLA Fake Buildings. The Fake Buildings allowed the player to construct Black Market and upgrade it to real structure, which allows the unit upgrades be done despite Black Market is not available for construction in the original configuration of this map) or China (Listening outpost) alike.
  • Similar to another GLA mission, Almaty Supply Raid, this mission also displays HP for civilians.
  • Chinese forces will try to disrupt your movement from the base by deploying Cluster Mines. There is a glitch that, if the player captured Chinese Command Center to prevent this, the plane (in green livery, the GLA's) will still drop the Cluster Mines to your base, but the Mines will no longer harm the GLA.
  • Anthrax Bomb in this mission may be obtained by destroying the Pharmaceutical Factory. If the player did not notice this after some time, the "informants" will reveal its location to the player.
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