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Black Widow Volt auto rifle

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Black Widow Volt auto rifle
Vital statistics

Energy weapon


10 per s (Ion cannon)
400 velocity



Mag. size

100 + 400

Rate of fire

10 rounds/second

Reload time

2.27 seconds

MP faction

CNC1 GDI Emblem.png Global Defense Initiative
CNC1 Nod Emblem.png Brotherhood of Nod

The Black Widow Volt auto rifle is a prototypical energy weapon developed by the Brotherhood of Nod.

Background[edit | edit source]

Based on data and technology recovered from a crashed ship of alien origin it is essentially a lightning bolt gun, firing massive concentrated beams of electricity, frying infantry to ashes. Vehicles don't stand a chance under prolonged fire either. It is lightweight and portable, but due to the difficulties of control, unshielded concentration chamber and exposed electricity, it is hazardous at best.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In the singleplayer campaign, it is found during the penultimate mission Tomorrow's Technology Today on the crashed alien vessel. In multiplayer, it is used by both GDI and Nod.

Unbelievably deadly and powerful, the Volt Auto Rifle could be called the best weapon in its class, although its lack of range makes it fall short of deserving the title.

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