Blight on the Big Apple

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Blight on the Big Apple
Destroying the Statue of Liberty would shatter the will of the Allied Nations
Destroying the Statue of Liberty would shatter the will of the Allied Nations

The Stone Faced Witnesses

Part of

Third World War


Manhattan, New York, USA


Decisive Soviet victory


RA3 USSR logo.png Soviet Union

Allies RA3.png Allied Nations

  • Repel the Soviet invasion forces

Allies RA3.png Howard T. Ackerman


Full Soviet arsenal

Full Allied arsenal

RA3 USSR logo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 3 and might contradict canon.

Blight on the Big Apple is the ninth and final Soviet mission of Red Alert 3. With the Allied Supreme Commander, Field Marshall Robert Bingham dead, and the European Union crushed; the Soviets struck the belly of America at the country's east coast. The Allied Nations were finally defeated in this battle.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

We must take the battle to them, Comrade. We must destroy the bastion of capitalism and burn it to the ground!
- Dasha Fedorovich, briefing the Soviet Commander as it goes into battle

With the death of Field Marshal Bingham, and the destruction of the bulk of the Allied fleet back at Easter Island, the survival of the Allied Nations hangs on a knife's edge. With Europe conquered by the Soviet Union, the Allied military in tatters and their will nearly broken, it was decided by the unnamed Soviet Commander and his intelligence aide Dasha that the time to strike was now.

With the ex-Premier Cherdenko dead and the Politburo in disarray, the Commander; already a hero among the Soviet populace, took command of the Union and prepared to launch a crushing blow against the Allies in hopes of ending their resistance once and for all.

New York will soon be renamed Commandergrad... I think.
- Anonymous Conscript, as the attack on New York begins

To do this, the Soviets directed their efforts at breaking the city of New York, perhaps the greatest bastion of capitalist imperialism, the world had ever known. As the massive Soviet armada sailed for Manhattan Island, the Commander made preparations to bring down the Statue of Liberty - the hollow symbol of Allied freedom. Should the statue be destroyed, the Soviets were convinced that the Allies would soon capitulate and beg for peace.

Meanwhile, as word of the Soviet invasion reached the Allied leaders, President Ackerman sent all of its remaining forces to the city in order to beat the "Red Menace" back. For the Allies then, this was their final stand. They would throw back the tides of socialism here or die trying and had no intentions whatsoever of giving the Soviets an easy time of it.

Force composition[edit | edit source]

The Soviets attacked New York City with a massive force as numerous divisions of ground troops stormed the city's defenses, supported by large numbers of armored units, aircraft and ships. Hundreds of Soviet vessels steamed into the harbor, including numerous Dreadnought units.

The USSR had spared no expense planning their invasion, and the entire Soviet arsenal had been rolled out in order to deliver the crushing blow, including the then ex-Premier Cherdenko's, now the Soviet Union's dreaded toy - the Vacuum Imploder Superweapon. Rather than having all of these forces deployed at once, they were sent to the battle in three distinct waves like Geneva and each softening up Allied resistance as to allow the main force to land safely.

The Allies had been battered and beaten by many Soviet and Imperial attacks over the course of the war and many of the regiments were operating under-strength and facing combat exhaustion, while their arsenals had been largely depleted. That being said, however, they still managed to field several divisions worth of infantry and armor at the battle, supported by whatever aerial squadrons had survived the fighting in Europe. The grand majority of these units were stationed either on Liberty Island next to the famous statue, or deployed to support the Allied garrison at Fort Bradley adjacent to the New York Stock Exchange.

The waters surrounding Liberty Island were defended by the remnants of the Allied Navy, only several score vessels strong, but including their famed Aircraft Carriers and Assault Destroyers. Liberty Island also found itself home to a Chronosphere device as well as a Proton Collider Superweapon, though the latter was destroyed before it could be used against the Soviet invaders.

New additions[edit | edit source]

RA3 Terror Drone Icons.png RA3 Vacuum Imploder Icons.png

Events[edit | edit source]

The Allies are on high alert, but we landed in some Terror Drones to destroy their forces and fill the city with fear.
- Dasha

Acts of Terror[edit | edit source]

Before the main Soviet force could land and begin their assault on New York City, the powerful Allied military base at Fort Bradley would have to be eliminated. The base's garrison controlled downtown New York and the Soviets could not hope to succeed if their invasion forces were destroyed upon landing by the Allied defenders. As such, the Soviet Commander elected to begin his invasion by deploying numerous swarms of the new Terror Drone units into the city, in hopes of spreading confusion and chaos among the populace, while terminating as many of the Fort Bradley troops as possible.

The plan worked, as immediately after landing, the Terror Drones began their grisly work; ambushing Allied military personnel and vehicles, and disrupting Fort Bradley's production and resource gathering operations. The attacks were so sudden and diffuse that the Allied forces had no idea where the real attack was coming from and entire companies of men were sent on wild goose chases trying to hunt these robotic menaces down. As a result, the defenders of Fort Bradley were confused and scattered, relatively easy prey for the arrival of the Soviet vanguard.

Destruction of Fort Bradley[edit | edit source]

You Reds have gone too far, but this time, we're ready for you! Bring it!
- Ackerman
Fort Bradley

With the Allied defenses of New York in chaos, the Soviet Commander, aided by his ruthless comrade Moskvin, were able to deploy a regiment of air and armor to destroy Fort Bradley once and for all. Spearheaded by a company of the devastating Tesla Tanks and the Twinblades that carried these tanks, the vanguard caught many of the scattered Allied units off-guard and annihilated them in a piecemeal fashion, before storming Fort Bradley under the cover of bombardment by Kirov Airships.

Had the Soviets attacked in full-force, it was likely that they would have suffered tremendously at the hands of the Allies and lost the element of surprise. As such, the conquest of Fort Bradley was a fairly swift affair and Fort Bradley was destroyed within a short time. With the Allied resistance in the city itself largely pacified, the Soviets were able to land the bulk of their invasion force.

Why, you little.. That's it! I'm kicking the alert level!!
- Ackerman, after the Fort Bradley destroyed.

Ashes of Liberty[edit | edit source]

Just like old times, huh? You Commie scum!
- Tanya, as she began sinking the four Dreadnoughts
Just like old times...

With Manhattan cleared of Allied defenders, the main attack force moved in and began setting up shop, while the Soviet armada launched an assault on Liberty Island. Through the efforts of the Allied Navy and Tanya, the initial strike was repelled, with four Dreadnoughts going to the bottom of the harbor before they withdrew. The Allies immediately began counter-attacking, using airdrops and the Chronosphere to send their forces at the Soviet Russian positions, but the Soviets were dug in well and these attacks were repulsed, if not without casualties.

Allied President Ackerman sent forces to the New York Stock Exchange, but they were all destroyed by the Soviets and the New York Stock Exchange complex was captured. With their forces ready, the Soviets began their inexorable push towards the Statue of Liberty, using a naval force to drive the Allies back. Thousands of lives were lost as the Allied and Soviet forces clashed with dozens of vessels sunk.

Agent Tanya managed to sabotage several vessels before being brought down by a force of Twinblades and Natasha. Soviet Akula subs managed to outflank the Allied Navy and cripple many of their ships still under repair, though turning the tide in favor of the Motherland.

Destruction of the Statue of Liberty[edit | edit source]

As the first, Soviet ground forces began storming the shores of Liberty Island and dying by their hundreds, Ackerman authorized the use of the Proton Collider, hoping to break the back of the Soviet offensive and give his own troops a chance to take the initiative again. However it was quickly destroyed, while inch by bloody inch, the Communist forces managed to push their way onto Liberty Island.

After hours of bloody struggle, and the loss of hundreds of men on both sides, the Soviets were victorious. A hastily transported force of Tesla and apocalypse Tanks managed to crush the last of the tenacious Allied defenders, and their combined firepower, plus the bombardment from both the anchored Dreadnoughts and the incoming Kirov Airships; was sufficient to crush the Statue of Liberty and bring it down - once and for all.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

To you, Comrade. The people would like to see their new Premier. The future is yours, Commander. The future is yours…
- Dasha Fedorovich congratulates the Soviet Commander, now as the Premier of the Soviet Union, for its victory over the Allies
The new Lenin statue, built on the foundation of the destroyed Statue of Liberty

The USSR was victorious, at long last. The war that had begun as a desperate attempt by a battered nation to merely survive had morphed into a successful campaign of world domination. Both the capitalist ideology of the Allies and the feudal superstitions of the Empire left outdated and defeated by the Communist theories of the Soviets, as the global Communist Revolution predicted by Karl Marx and first given form by Lenin had finally come to pass.

The Soviet Commander, fresh of the success he had achieved in New York; was made Premier of the Soviet Union, which now encircled the entire globe, and a giant statue of Lenin was erected where Lady Liberty once stood.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The first part is very hard. The players new unit is the terror drone which is an anti surface attacker that kills all infantry in one attack and destroys ships and vehicles from the inside. The player must destroy the prospectors but beware of the multigunner turrets, the riptide acvs machine guns, the peacekeepers shotguns and the armor facilities repair drones.

After enough prospectors are destroyed the player gets twinblades, kirovs and the devastating tesla tanks but the player must be careful on not to lose any tesla tanks due to the tanks cannot be built at all.

Once Fort bradley is destroyed the next scene shows the Allied navy and tanya sinking 4 dreadnoughts.

Then a soviet base will be built nearby. If any tesla tanks survived use them to defend the base.

The next thing that will happen is that the New york Stock exchange will be guarded by the survivors of Fort Bradley. Use the magnetic satellite to make the NYSE and the hospital capturable by combat engineers.

The Allies will attack with aircraft carriers, assault destroyers and air power plus with the chronosphere teleporting athena cannons into the soviet players base.

Build apocalypse tanks, akula subs, migs and natasha to hold them off.

Tanya will eventually attack but with twinblades or tesla weaponry especially the tesla tanks or the coils will kill her off easily.

The next thing that will happen is the Proton collider will come online. Destroy it with dreadnoughts or kirovs.

The next newest addition to the soviet player is the vacuum imploder use it to destroy the Allied base on the Statue of Liberty island then get orbital drops to use satellites and any sucked up vehicles to destroy the statue of liberty.

Once the Statue of Liberty is destroyed the mission is a win.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The scene in which Tanya sinks the four Soviet Dreadnoughts is a deliberate allusion to the first Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2, during which Tanya also destroys 4 Dreadnoughts attacking the Statue of Liberty.
  • This is the second appearance of Fort Bradley in the Red Alert Universe, the first being in the Allied campaign of Red Alert 2. Unlike in the previous game, this appearance of the base sees it being destroyed by the Soviets.
  • The New York Stock Exchange building can be captured in a similar manner as an Oil Derrick, but with much greater resource bonuses, as it gives you 1000 dollars for the initial capture, and 100 dollars every few seconds after that.
  • The Statue of Liberty is destroyed again only this time rebuilt as Lenin.

Videos[edit | edit source]


References[edit | edit source]

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