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Blue shards

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Blue shards
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Shard walker

The Reaper-17 Scrin sect is well-known for its love of Ichor. Tiberium infusion has long been a common solution to upgrade Scrin power infrastructure, however, this sect pioneered a new method of empowering its shard-based units. Using techniques developed at a Reaper-17 technology assembler, the shard walkers' and Ravagers' green Tiberium shards can be transformed into more potent blue Tiberium shards. This upgrade costs $2000 and requires 1:00 to complete.

Regular green tiberium based Ravagers (above) and upgraded blue Tiberium-based (below).

Although the mechanism behind this change isn't yet known, the result is undeniably powerful: to the extent that shard walkers upgraded with Blue Shards are able to slice through most aircraft in mere seconds, and groups of blue-shard Reaper-17 Ravagers can wear down even a Mammoth tank after just several barrages.

This upgrade does not affect shard-launcher upgraded units or base defenses, which maintain their green ammunition.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

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