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Brandenburg Gate

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Bradenburg Gate
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Berlin, Germany






Major Site


Global Defense Initiative

Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Cradle Of My Temple

Brandenburg Gate is a major site in Berlin, Germany. It is where you go from eastern Berlin into the west of the city by travelling under the site between its columns.

Tiberian Dawn[edit | edit source]

Netwarriors used the Ion Cannon as of Kane's orders in the Brotherhood chose to destroy the Bradenburg Gate in revenge for their defeat at both Dresden and Hanover by GDI. The site was destroyed with both sides of the Brandenburg Gate still standing from the reel of the Ion Cannon's blast. This caused the German President, Helmut Bierman who was safe in London to quote it as an "accident". The death toll passed nine hundred and unearthing twelve more bodies from the rubble by rescue workers as the Brandenburg Gate was known for being once Berlin's most famous landmark in Germany.