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Brett Wesley Sperry
Biographical information
Gender Male
Political information
Affiliation Westwood Studios (1985-2002)
Petroglyph Games (2006)
Brett Wesley Group (2007-present)
Jet Set Games (2008-2014)
Occupation Founder, lead game designer

Brett Wesley Sperry was one of the lead game designers of early Command & Conquer games. He founded Westwood Studios in 1985, the Brett Wesley Group in 2007, and Jet Set Games (along with Rade Stosavljević) in 2008.


Sperry co-founded Westwood Studios with Louis Castle in 1985, when both were in their early 20s.[1] Before starting Westwood Studios, Sperry worked at Applied Computer Technology in Las Vegas with Peter Filiberti doing game conversions for Activision, Imagic and others. One of his major works was the port of Impossible Mission to the Apple II.

Sperry has been credited with the roles of design, production, support and box and content. In addition to his work at Westwood, he has been credited on games developed/produced by the following companies: Intelligent Games, Ltd., Walt Disney Feature Animation and Looking Glass Studios.

In 1996, GameSpot named him as the third most influential person in the PC gaming of the year, as well as sixth of all time.[2][3]


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