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Bridge over the River Vizchgoi

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RA1 Gameicon.png
Bridge over the River Vizchgoi

Khalkis Island


Bridge over the River Grotzny


Core of the Matter

Part of

Second World War




Soviet victory

  • Soviet convoy successfully escorted
  • Allies in retreat

RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Union

RAR Allies Logo.png Allied Forces

  • Protect the convoy
  • Cross the river unharmed
  • Blockade the convoy
  • Destroy the bridge

RAR Soviets Logo.png Soviet Commander

RAR Allies Logo.png Unknown

There is a special cargo that needs to be transported to a nearby Soviet base in the northeast. Make sure the trucks reach their destination intact. Along the way, there is a bridge which the Allies may have destroyed. If so, use the Naval options at your disposal. Our attack subs will make short work of any Allied boats you discover.
- Mission briefing

Bridge over the River Vizchgoi is one of the route for the sixth Soviet mission in Red Alert 1.

Background[edit | edit source]

Premier Stalin felt pleased with the Commander as Stavros made full retreat across much of Eastern Europe although the United Nations is helping the Allied cause. Stalin said to the Soviet Colonel about this, but sends the Soviet Commander to Croatia where heavy resistance blocked a convoy of bomb trucks on the coast of Croatia and needs to get there, safely. If the Commander fails, he won't return to the Soviets' command in Moscow, himself.

Nadia: The United Nations begins to back their cause. - The Soviets' NKVD head to Stalin about the peacekeeping movement.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

The Soviets finally got the bomb trucks into Croatia despite a load of Greek troops and Allied tanks nearly blocking the entire convoy, but made no useless attempt to blow the bridge up in prevention of the Soviet advance crossing it. With both Greece and Germany captured, it was time for Stalin to make his move for the Commander to secretly get inside the Soviets' nuclear core in their homeland which is only thirty minutes to either self-destruct or being prevented to blow up in Russian circumstances.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Destroyer sinking a submarine (mission failure cutscene)
Submarine sinking a cruiser (mission accomplished cutscene)
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