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Buggy ammo

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Buggy ammo
Gen1 Rocket Buggy Ammo Icons.png

Gla.gifGlobal Liberation Army
G toxin.pngDr. Thrax
G stlth.pngKassad
G demo.pngRodall Juhziz



Build time


Researched at

Black Market

Hot key



Increases the ammo storage of a Rocket Buggy by 100%

We have more Buggy Ammo now!
- Buggy Ammo upgrade is complete

Additional Buggy Ammo for GLA Rocket Buggies may be purchased from the local Black Market for $1200. It doubles the amount of rockets buggies can carry and fire in a volley, which means that they deal more damage. It is considered an essential upgrade for any GLA general should they use rocket buggies.

Gla.gif Global Liberation Army GLA War Arsenal Gla.gif
China.gif General Leang Arsenal China.gif