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RA3 Gameicon.png
- King Oni during a bull rush
RA3 Bullrush Icons.png
Oni Bull Rush.jpg

The Empire of the Rising Sun's monstrous King Onis mech have the special ability to increase its speed exponentially for a few seconds, charging forward rapidly through the enemy's ranks, while crushing any enemy opposition in its path. This maneuver, known as the Bull Rush, can inflict considerable damage on the enemy's forces, even crushing Apocalypse Tanks. This ability can be used in case the King Oni needs to be at a certain place quickly, or if a large enemy force is grouped closely together. Be warned, however, that after conducting this taxing maneuver the King Oni will not be able to repeat it for some time, as it will need to replenish its internal energy supply. If the Oni is shrunken down by a Cryocopter however, the Oni will be destroyed instantly when it hits anything.