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Bunker (Generals 1)

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For other uses, see Bunker.
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China.gif China
C tank.png Ta Hun Kwai
C nuke.png Tsing Shi Tao
China.gif Leang


Infantry bunker


Firing port for five infantry

Hit points


Armour type

Structure Armor



Build time


Produced by

Chinese construction dozer


Chinese barracks



Attack range


Sight range


Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png
Land Mines
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png
Neutron Mine


Bunkers could be constructed by Chinese generals to defend their bases and any outposts on the battlefield. Each Bunker could be garrisoned with up to five infantry, who were protected while inside it, even from toxin and flame attacks. A Bunker filled with Tank Hunters would certainly slow down an enemy commander, especially since the Gattling Cannons were only effective against aircraft and infantry. Bunkers, like all Chinese buildings, could also be mined to prevent fast ground assaults.

Due to there being no power consumption this structure is unaffected by EMP effects, and the structure can be constructed quickly. Whilst the bunker itself was moderately armoured and surprisingly cheap, if it is destroyed the infantry are made much more vulnerable. Since the weapons of the infantrymen inside still had the same limited range, Bunkers were vulnerable to artillery units.

Because of the threat posed to infantry in structures by some weapons systems, the Chinese designed the bunker to be able to withstand some attacks that would clear out other structures, including:

In addition, if the building is destroyed, the infantry survive, whereas with other buildings the soldiers vacate when it is critically damaged, they can remain inside a Bunker until it is destroyed.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Gen1 Land Mine Icons.png Land mine Deploy standard mines around the Bunker. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $600.
ZH Neutron Mines Icons.png Neutron Mines Upgrades the standard to neutron mines thus allowing them to kill vehicle pilots instead of destroying them. Available for all Chinese buildings except Speaker Towers for a cost of $500. Requires Land mine to be installed.

On units[edit | edit source]

The Overlord tank and Helix could be upgraded with a bunker similar to the free-standing structure.This "bunker" is actually an vehicle upgrade to carry troop compartment with fit-to-all-weapon firing ports. These type of "bunker" virtually add a infantry carrying capacity. Beside armor clad, these type of bunker provide no other protection, especially from chemical, nuclear, or garrison-clearing weapon.

General Shin Fai also had the Assault Helix instead of the normal Helix, this improved the maximum number of passengers, but could only be upgraded with bunker (instead of bunker, gattling cannon or an propaganda tower).

Shin Fai[edit | edit source]

General Shin Fai, the infantry general, adopted an improved Bunker design for his forces, the Fortified Bunker.

Changelog[edit | edit source]

China.gif People's Republic of China First GLA War Arsenal China.gif
China.gif General Leang Arsenal China.gif