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Gen1 Burton Icons.png
Colonel Burton

Commando infantry


Demo charges

Hit points


Armour type
  • None
  • Chemical Suit (upgrade)
  • $1500
  • $1200 (Alexander)
Build time


Produced by

American barracks
Chinese barracks (Leang only)


Strategy Center
Particle cannon (Leang only)



Ground attack
  • 40 (vs. infantry) (Small Arms)
  • 10000 (stab) (vs. infantry) (Melee)
  • 2000 (vs. building and vehicle) (Explosion)


  • 30 (20 if badly wounded)
  • 20 (15 if badly wounded) (when climb hill)
Attack range
  • 125 (vs. infantry)
  • 3 (stab) (vs. infantry)
  • 0 (vs. building and vehicle)
Sight range


ZH Chemical Suits Icons.png
Chemical Suits
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training
Gen1 Knife Kill Icons.png
Silent stab
Place demo charges on buildings
Fully cloaked
Climb hills
  • Strong vs infantry, vehicles
  • Weak vs tanks, aircraft
  • Build limit: 1
  • Will not retaliate when attacked
You want the best? Here I am.
- Colonel Burton entering the battlefield.

Colonel Burton was a highly experienced expert in covert operations and an American hero, who participated in numerous campaigns against the GLA.


Easy climb.
- Burton, when ordered to climb a cliff.

An expert in covert operations, Colonel Burton can wreak havoc against enemy infantry of all types. Armed with a rifle, knife and remote or timed demo charges, Colonel Burton’s stealth training allows him to move invisibly across almost any terrain.[1]


They won't see it.
- Burton on stabbing enemy infantry
Gen1 Knife Kill Icons.png Knife Attack Col. Burton knifes an enemy soldier for a stealth kill.
Gen1 Timed Demo Charge Icons.png Timed Demo Charge Col. Burton sets down a timed detonated explosive.
Gen1 Remote Demo Charge Icons.png
Remote Demo Charge Col. Burton sets down a remotely detonated explosive.
Gen1 Detonate Charges Icons.png
Detonate Charges Col. Burton detonates his remote demo charges.


ZH Chemical Suits Icons.png
Chemical Suits Developed at the Strategy center in Zero Hour at the cost of 1000. Burton moving through toxin and radiation contaminated terrain via Anthrax or radiation will take damage much, much slower. Purchasable at any Strategy center in Zero Hour for $1000
Gen1 Advanced Training Icons.png
Advanced Training Allows Burton, along with other USA units gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy center for $1500

Game unit


No man can turn the tide of this battle, not even Colonel Burton.
- Kwai mocking Burton

A master of stealth and of destruction, Burton was practically a one-man army. He was so powerful that he was even able to take on tanks and destroy buildings with C4 alarmingly quickly. When he achieves heroic status, he can tear through buildings in less than a minute with his machine gun. Garrisoned in a building, he could easily hold off entire waves of infantry and lighter vehicles with ease provided a garrison-clearing unit doesn't come along.

His stealthy knife attack made it very useful for him to eliminate infantry while staying hidden, let it be entire regiments or a lone soldier. There were no AI warnings of infantry killed by Burton, allowing him to easily slaughter infantrymen without the enemy knowing it.

Using his knife, Burton can be used to clear enemy infantry positions or particularly dangerous or irritating infantry targets to clear the way for armor columns or air attacks. His rifle is extremely dangerous, and can melt away most light tanks or vehicles.

He is however still an infantrymen, and has standard weaknesses against anti infantry weaponry, though a significant amount of health in comparison.


Colonel Burton? General, you should let HIM be the general. You are just sending him to an early death.
- Prince Kassad, after Burton enters the fray.

However, Burton is just a man. Anti-infantry Tanks armed with Gattling Guns represented a serious threat, provided the enemy commander was able to detect him. Burton's demolition charges could be disarmed by workers or construction dozers.

His explosives also took some time to plant, meaning he was completely defenseless in the process. Heavier vehicles can easily resist his assault rifle but still run a risk of being destroyed if they lack proper anti-infantry weapons. Chinese land mines and GLA Demo traps can also deter him from planting C4's as he'll be injured or even incapacitated before reaching the building.


Got a present for ya!
- Burton planting demolition charges

A valuable asset to the Americans, Burton was employed in many of its campaigns against the GLA. He assisted an American commander in several missions against the GLA, such as the rescue of three US pilots from the enemy's clutches in Yemen, defeating both the GLA and a rogue Chinese military commander in S-E Kazakhstan and helped in the assault on the last GLA stronghold in Akmola.

In Zero Hour, Burton helped destroy the GLA presence at the Somalian docks assisted by the US Navy fleet and teamed up with Black Lotus to destroy a GLA secret research facility at Mount Elbrus in Russia. In Iran, he also helped the American task forces to destroy the GLA's fundings by capturing the oil fields.

What remains of his fate by the end of the war remains unknown.


Selected Quotes

You want the best? Here I am.
- When emerging from the Barracks
I've seen it all.
- When selected
Keeping it cool.
- When selected
I know the ropes.
- When selected
Trained for perfection.
- When selected
Right here.
- When selected
What do you got?
- When selected
Deadly efficient
- When selected
I'll be there.
- When moving
Where we going?
- When moving
- When moving
I'll take anything you give me.
- When moving
Let's get to the action.
- When moving
That was left-handed!
- When ordered to attack
Keep them coming!
- When ordered to attack
Needs an attitude adjustment.
- When ordered to attack
Come on, punk!
- When ordered to attack
This is too easy!
- When ordered to attack
Let's see what you got!
- When ordered to attack
I own him.
- When ordered to attack
Get me out of here!
- Under fire
There's too many of them!
- Under fire
Someone's gonna pay for this!
- Under fire
Where's my backup?
- Under fire
Get them off me!
- Under fire
Yeah, this building should work for now.
- When ordered to garrison building
Let's go in there.
- When ordered to garrison building
Making a house call.
- When ordered to garrison building
Easy climb.
- When ordered to climb a cliff
No obstacles.
- When ordered to climb a cliff
I'll climb that.
- When ordered to climb a cliff
Nothing in my way.
- When ordered to climb a cliff
Remote demo charge.
- When ordered to use Remote Demo Charge
I'll use the remote demo charge.
- When ordered to use Remote Demo Charge
The timed demo charge will work.
- When ordered to use Timed Demo Charge
Timed demo charge.
- When ordered to use Timed Demo Charge
I know just what it needs!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
It's about time!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
Just get me in close!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
Something to remember me by!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
Been saving this just for you!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
Got a present for ya!
- When planting a Remote/Timed Demo Charge
They won't see it.
- When ordered to use knife
- When ordered to use knife
I won't be noticed.
- When using the knife
Keep it quiet!
- When using the knife
Sneaking up.
- When using the knife
Just another day's work...
- When using the knife
This is it.
- When using the knife

Cut Laser Burton quotes

Burton here, ready with laser.
- When selected
I have a new toy I'd like to share!
- When selected
You want the best? Here I am - with laser.
- When selected
Turn on the lights!
- When ordered to attack
Like ants under a magnifying glass!
- When ordered to attack
Take your last breath.
- When ordered to attack

Laser Burton

I have a new toy I'd like to share!
- Laser Burton's unused quote

According to Zero Hour's sound files, General Townes was to have his own version of Colonel Burton called Laser Burton. He was supposed to be equipped with a laser-powered variant of the OICW. It was dropped for some reason.



  • Colonel Burton might be based on Arnold Schwarzenegger starring as John Matrix in the film Commando.
  • The manual of C&C: Generals states that Burton is armed with a sniper rifle, further reinforced by the fact that his weapon is called 'BurtonSniperRifle' within game coding. However, in-game he uses a much shorter-ranged and fast-firing rifle, However the Burton Sniper Rifle is restored in the Zero Hour mod Shockwave only available for General Ironside (a.k.a. USA Armor General in the Mod).
  • Judging from in-game pictures, Colonel Burton appears to be armed with an OICW, whilst the cameo image shown here suggests his use of an XM214 Microgun. A model of Colonel Burton, not used probably because he would have been seen as out of place with his high detail compared to all other units, carried what appears to be a MP5, this combination suggesting he has a very wide arsenal at his disposal.
  • He is similar to Tanya and the First Tiberium War era Commando, due to his methods of attacking (powerful rifle and demo charges) and his attitude. He is however cloaked, unlike the aforementioned two.
  • Burton's lines "Keep them coming", "That was left-handed", and "Got a present for ya!" are a reference to those of the original Command & Conquer Commando.
  • Colonel Burton was supposed to have a high detailed model with texture version in Zero Hour, but it was removed for unknown reasons; only the model and texture still remain in the Zero Hour game files.
  • In earlier builds of Zero Hour, there was an unusual bug that allowed Colonel Burton to use his knife against grounded aircraft. However, this has been fixed since patch version 1.03. [2]
  • Burton is voiced by Peter Jessop.


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