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C&C Meets Star Wars

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C&C Meets Star Wars.gif
C&C Meets Star Wars
Developer Nyerguds
Latest version v2.1
Genre Real time strategy (mod)
Modes Singleplayer
Platforms Microsoft Windows / DOS
Requirements Tiberian Dawn DOS or C&C Gold 1.06c
Input Keyboard, mouse

C&C meets Star Wars is a partial conversion mod that changes a lot of units, buildings and sounds in Command & Conquer to elements from the Star Wars movies. It is compatible with DOS and Windows 95 versions of C&C.

C&C Meets Star Wars only modifies the graphics and sounds of the game, making it compatible for online play with the normal unmodified game.

The original DOS version of the mod replaces the Winter theater with the Snow theater from Red Alert 1, a change which has become obsolete in C&C Gold, since Nyerguds' unofficial 1.06 patch for C&C95 adds the same Snow theater mod as actual extra theater. The Snow mod was originally created by Jafet Kackur.

In the mod, the Empire replaces GDI, and the Rebels replace Nod. This was mostly done for arsenal compatibility reasons, because the Empire has all the heavy assault units, while the Rebels are more of a guerrilla army.

Missions[edit | edit source]

C&C Meets Star Wars was planned to have a campaign for the Rebel side, featuring 13 missions, which would span the three classic movies. However, this campaign was never completed. The only actual mission inside the mod is the Battle of Hoth, played from the Empire's point of view, tasking you to crush the rebels' shield generator so the rebel base can be exterminated with the aid of Tie Bomber airstrikes.

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