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C. Elena Renteria: My Life

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C. Elena Renteria: My Life is an autobiographical book that was published by C. Elena Renteria, which focused on ZOCOM and her life.

Excerpt[edit | edit source]

With a post-Nod GDI shifting its focus to the reduction and eventual elimination of Tiberium, it was natural for the council to establish a branch of the military tasked with the enforcement and execution of that goal - Zone Operations Command, or ZOCOM. Their peacetime mission was threefold; to improve GDI's military capabilities within areas of high Tiberium infestation, to establish "beachheads" within such areas allowing reclamation to commence, and to protect existing reclamation operations from any attacks, be they terrorist or mutant in origin.

Command was given to the eminently qualified C. Elena Renteria, a decorated war hero and one of their first women to rise to the rank of General within GDI. Beyond her reputation as a smart, no-nonsense battlefield commander, Renteria’s unique upbringing provided insight into the task at hand. The daughter of Mexican nationals, the General spent her childhood in the Tiberium wastelands of central Africa, while her parents, both GDI scientists, attempted to understand and contain the deadly crystal. After witnessing firsthand the devastating effect of Tiberium on the human population of those areas, Renteria dedicated the rest of her life to its elimination; first focusing on systematic and ruthless dismantling of the Brotherhood of Nod, and then later through ZOCOM's Tiberium control and reclamation operations.

Few would deny that Red Zone service is perhaps the most demanding of any GDI assignment. Most soldiers cannot endure significant Tiberium exposure for more than a few weeks at a time without risking serious physical and psychological damage. There are exceptions however - men and women who find the experience of living and fighting in a near alien environment to be an energizing, engaging experience. These individuals quickly find themselves assigned to ZOCOM - and few, if any, would be happy anywhere else.

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