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Knock! Knock!
- Tanya
We have a new addition to your arsenal
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C4, three seconds until detonation.

C4 or Composition C-4 refers to a plastic explosive which was often used to destroy enemy buildings quickly and efficiently. C4 was often utilized by commando forces because it was powerful as well as extremely stable - C4 could be dropped or hit without its exploding. Only an electrical charge, which could be provided by a blasting cap could cause it to explode. The primary detonation principle is by timer. Remote detonation is also possible.

History[edit | edit source]

C4 Coming through!
- Tanya planting a bomb on a Structure

During the Second World War, C4 was used exclusively on buildings and bridges. Engineers have a limited C4 to go through barricade before reaching the master control terminal. A commando entered the building, placed C4 on critical points in the structure, and then detonated the C4, which eliminated the structure. This usage of C4 became commonplace throughout history, and during the Second World War and the Third World War, C4 was used in this fashion. However, two important deviations to this usage were made by the commando Tanya.

  1. The first modification she made was the fact that she was an extremely good swimmer - or more likely, that her suit had flotation properties. This meant that she could carry C4 to ships, plant C4 under the water line, and instantly sink them. This ability was shared with Allied SEALs.
  2. The second modification, which came later, was the ability to plant C4 on tanks, which destroyed them instantly. Tanya apparently mastered slinging herself underneath a tank, planting the C4, and then getting out of there, letting the C4 blast through the weak bottom armor that was present on most tanks. This made her very effective at dealing with most land and sea targets.

There were other innovations involving C4 that could be made by an Allied commander during the Second World War.

1. If a commander got access to producing Chrono Commandos, the Chrono Commandos could plant C4 on buildings and even chrono-shift both themselves, and their arsenal of C4 charges along with them. They could chrono-shift into an enemy base, bypassing outer defense structures, and demolish critical structures with the C4 charges. This was a significant improvement compared to the Second World War, where chrono-shifting would not work with explosives. (Demolition trucks would explode rather than be chrono-shifted.)

Also Tanya in RA3 she once again uses C4 to bomb ships and tanks and even Apocalypse heavy tanks feared her.

Infantry that used C4[edit | edit source]