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Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility

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Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility
Concept art of Nod's Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility.
Concept art of Nod's Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility.

Cairo, Egypt






Base of operations
Under the Brotherhood of Nod



Appears in

Tiberium Wars



The Cairo Nuclear Launch Facility is the Nod military base responsible for launching the Nuclear Missile that destroyed the GDSS Philadelphia at the beginning of the Third Tiberium War. The facility was eventually destroyed by the GDI Commander.

Description[edit | edit source]

The launch facility was heavily defended by Nod forces and emplacements, especially at the entrance. However, there are still multiple weaknesses, such as the west flank of the base, which has no air defenses. The ridge east of the base is also unprotected, allowing GDI Zone Troopers and GDI Commando to enter the base unimpeded using Jump jets.

Furthermore, the power plants supplying the nuclear silo are vulnerable to ground forces, and destroying them would delay the launch sequence. Ultimately, the nuclear silo, along with the rest of the base, was destroyed by GDI forces before another missile can be launched.

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