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Camouflage (Generals)

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Camouflage is, whether natural or manufactured, an adaptation to help lessen the ability to discern an object from its surrounding environment. This can mean anything from decreasing the chances of getting shot to blending in to a background outright.

History[edit | edit source]

Military camouflage did not enter standard military service until the 1900s. Prior to that, most armies adopted brightly colored uniforms for service, in order to make identification easier and foster unit cohesion. During the 1700s and 1800s, the poor accuracy of rifles and the tendency of armies to march in rows and columns largely eliminated the need for camoflague. Scouting units and militia would wear neutral tones, in order to make them harder to spot, but it wasn't until Western armies started to suffer enormous losses that they gave regular soldiers drab uniforms.

The First World War was the first major war where all the major participants began experimenting with camouflage. While the majority of the soldiers simply had duller, less noticeable uniforms, snipers and scouts developed specialized camouflage gear, including netting to mimic plant life.

War against the GLA[edit | edit source]

Camouflage was frequently used used by GLA Commanders to make their Rebel soldiers be undetected without shooting their guns at either oncoming American or Chinese forces heading their own ways. Sometime after the capture of four Toxin bunkers in the Aral Sea, the Global Liberation Army broke a golden promise and swiftly fought for civil war. The Camouflage upgrade was introduced as said by the GLA's high-ranking intel officer, Kanwar Khan that helps all Rebels to be hidden from enemy sight and not shooting. This was used on GLA Rebels during Operation: Last Call and at Baikonur Cosmodrome against American and Chinese forces in those areas.

Camouflage! Upgrades all Rebels to be hidden from enemy sight when not shooting.
- Kanwar Khan in Splinter Cell.

In Zero Hour, Prince Kassad used Camouflage on all of his units and structures as he remains hidden while not shooting anyone. The upgrade had mostly been used in many missions including those against Kassad, sinking USS Reagan, taking out the US Central Command, killing Dr. Thrax and capturing his missile launchers plus destroying the last GLA base near Hamburg in Germany. Both Thrax and Rodall Juhziz do not use the Camouflage upgrade, but only the GLA Commander and Prince Kassad plus Mohmar Deathstrike (normal GLA faction) use the Camouflage upgrade on Rebels and their forces.

Notable Units[edit | edit source]