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Capture The Beachhead

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Capture The Beachhead
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Knock Out The Refinery


Command & Conquer





  • Destroy all Nod forces
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Use the units provided to protect the Mobile Construction Vehicle (MCV) . You should then deploy the MCV by double clicking on it. Then you can begin to build up a base. Start with a Power Plant. Finally, search out and destroy all enemy Nod units in the surrounding area.
- Mission briefing

Capture The Beachhead is the first GDI mission in Tiberian Dawn and the Tiberian Dawn demo.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Following Nod's successes across Africa and its spread across central Europe, from the Balkans, through Poland, to the Baltic States, GDI was forced to adopt an aggressive policy. Terrorist attacks on the Austrian Grain Trade Center and in Slovenia forced their hand and newly commissioned officers of the UN agency, such as James Solomon, were ordered to press the attack. A vulnerability in Nod's frontier defenses was identified on the northern coast of Estonia and an amphibious attack force under Colonel J.C. Carter and Solomon was dispatched to attack from the Baltic Sea.

Although the landings were made under enemy fire, light infantry supported by vehicles and an MCV managed to gain the upper hand, establishing a beachhead and enabling GDI to bypass Nod's frontier defenses. However, the initial thrust was blunted when J.C. Carter's troops ran into a harvesting operation and particularly determined defenders who counterattacked and heavily damaged the newly established GDI base.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is a simple introductory mission. The player is given command of several minigunners and quickly receives reinforcements in the form of two Humvees and an MCV, while a gunboat patrols the shore, firing on enemy turrets and infantry.
  • The turrets are weak to minigunners, but strong against humvees and can be taken out with ease. The occasional Nod minigunner is scarcely a challenge. Once the turrets are wiped out, Nod will counter-attack with a buggy and several soldiers, but they are easy prey.

Demo[edit | edit source]

There are no substantial differences between the retail and demo missions.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Hovercrafts (mission start cinematic)
Construction yard unfolding (mission accomplished cinematic)
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