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Capture the control centers (part one)

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Soviet Union Logo 1950.gif The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert and might contradict canon.
Capture the control centers
(part one)

Destroy the Allied navy


Capture the control centers (part two)

Part of

Second World War




Soviet strategic victory


Soviet Union Logo 1950.gif Soviet Union

CNCRA Allied Forces Emblem.png Allied Forces

  • Capture several control centers to sneak upon the Chronosphere
  • Destroy and push all Soviet forces back into their territory

Soviet Union Logo 1950.gif Soviet Commander

CNCRA Allied Forces Emblem.png Unknown

  • Most Soviet arsenal

We have learned the location of the Chronosphere weapon, and we want to capture it.

The Allies have boobytrapped the Chronosphere to explode if approached. Capturing the tech centers BEFORE taking the Chronosphere may allow you to defuse any traps. Use extreme caution.
- Mission briefing

Capture the control centers (part one) is both the twelfth mission during an alternate history of Red Alert 1 in the Soviet campaign. It seems that Allied Forces were on the run and Stalin plans to capture the Chronosphere in Switzerland.

Background[edit | edit source]

Proving useful to the wonderful Soviet Commander after an attack on Allied naval forces, Stalin ordered his Commander who now takes up as Supreme Commander of the Red Army after Gradenko's death and his next mission proves to be on his next target: the Allied Chronosphere. Having placed a tracking device on Einstein before his escape, the Soviets located the Chronosphere somewhere in Switzerland. However Kukov advised the commander to capture the three control centers to prevent the destruction of the Allied Superweapon.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Briefing - part 1
Tesla coil destroying a tank (mission accomplished cutscene - part 1)
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