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Partial Tiberium contamination


Yellow Zone (2047)


Brotherhood of Nod

Appears in

Tiberium Wars


Casabad (mission)

Casabad was a region in North Africa that housed Nod's liquid Tiberium research center, and drew GDI's attention after a squad of Zone Troopers failed to report back from a simple scouting assignment. With the arrival of a scouting party to evaluate the situation, it turned out that the Zone Troopers were safe and managed to gather crucial intel on Nod's presence here.

With the subsequent reactivation of the GDI outpost here and capturing numerous Tiberium spikes, it was discovered that Nod harvested all Tiberium in the area. The trail led to their research facility, which was promptly levelled by GDI. After the sector was secure, GDI researchers discovered data indicating Nod's WMD research.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Casabad appears to be a fictional location, as there is no city in Egypt by that name.

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