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Catalyst Missile (Rivals)

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CNCRiv Catalyst Missile.png
Catalyst Missile

CNCRiv Catalyst Missile Incoming.png

CNCRiv Catalyst Missile Warning.png


CNCR Nod logo.png Brotherhood of Nod


Outside context missile



Tech level

28, rare



Produced by

Jade Liang

Ground attack

3500 against infantry, vehicles, structures
500 against harvesters[1]


30 seconds


If it hits Tiberium Cloud, its damage is increased and it also damages all adjacent tiles.


3 second latency before it hits.

The Catalyst Missile is a rare Nod support power in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Background[edit | edit source]

Medium damage missile. If it hits Tiberium Gas, its damage is increased and it also damages all adjacent tiles.

Game power[edit | edit source]

Catalyst Missile is a high damage projectile that can hit any visible hex on the battlefield and deals a splash damage to the units on that hex. The damage is enough to kill any infantry and aircraft unit and all but most sturdy vehicles. Since there is a warning about the incoming missile, all but the slowest units can escape the missile. This makes the Catalyst Missile very useful at breaking up fortress units, like MG Squad, M.L.R.S. or Juggernauts.

It is also effective at denying hexes. If the nuclear missile is about to fire and the opponent has to cross a specific hex to get on the pad, a timely Catalyst Missile on that hex can buy precious seconds.

The Catalyst Missile alone is situational, but when combined with Tiberium, it can give off an impressive explosion spanning multiple hexes.

Hitting Tiberium patch will blast the surrounding hexes, but will not trigger a chain reaction on nearby Tiberium fields.

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References[edit | edit source]

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