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Chemical missile facility (Hamburg)

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Chemical Missile Facility

Hamburg, Germany




Moderate Tiberium contamination (2030)


Infested by Tiberium waste. Chemical production facility (2030).



Appears in

Tiberian Sun


Destroy Chemical Missile Plant

There was a Chemical Missile Facility near Hamburg where Kane produced his first Chemical Missiles, as well as a much larger type of Chemical missile that could actually generate a Tiberium chain reaction. Fortunately, the Chain reaction was not actually self-sustaining, as that would have caused a breakdown of the entire world into Tiberium.

Inside the regular base was a large Chemical Missile Facility, with all of the buildings that are included in that, and more veins, as well as all of the standard components of a Nod base. Also nearby was a hidden power facility that featured a large number of supplementary power plants which powered some of the Obelisks at the main Nod base. Direct access to the Nod Chemical Missile Facility was barred by at least 5 Obelisks of light, which were supplemented by Tick Tanks, Artillery, and Banshee helicopters.

Eventually, GDI forces were able to reach the site, and eliminated the facility completely. It is presumed that the technology to produce this particular type of chain-reaction chemical missile has been lost following the destruction of Kane's command center as well as the this base.

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