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Chemical suits

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Chemical suits
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Usa.gif United States
A laser.png Townes
A air.png Malcolm Granger
A super.png Alexis Alexander
China.gif Leang



Researched at

Strategy Center


Increased toxin and chemical resistance

ZH Gameicon.png
The new Chem-suits'just arrived!
- Ranger

Chemical suits is an upgrade that drastically reduces damage taken from toxins and radiation for American infantry units. When equipped with Chemical Suits, infantry have a blue radiation trefoil symbol displayed in a similar manner to the Horde effect on Chinese troops, however there is no visible suit covering the infantry units.

With the increase in biological and chemical weapon deployment at the time of the GLA War, the United States allowed Generals to make the suits available to their infantry forces, however it required a Strategy Center to be located at the nearest base of operations, in order to coordinate the distribution of the suits.

Unfortunately, it did not grant complete immunity from Atomic, Biological and Chemical (ABC) threats- The suit was designed to allow the wearer to leave the contaminated area, so to that end was made light (which meant that soldiers did not move slower when equipped) at the expense of prolonged protection potential. While it could endure the residue of such weapons for a time, if a solider is on the receiving end of a toxin weapon (For example, direct 'fire' from a Toxin Tractor) the concentration could still readily affect the recipient. In addition, it could still be deadly to remain in a contaminated area, so even when equipped soldiers should still vacate the area as soon as possible.

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