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Supply Truck
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China.gif China
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Resource gatherer

Hit points


Armour type

Truck Armor



Build time


Produced by

Chinese supply center




40 (20 if badly damaged)

Sight range



Collects up to $300 money worth of supplies.

Let's pick up some goods!
- Supply Truck reporting for duty

Supply trucks were the supply collectors for the Chinese army.

Background[edit | edit source]

We are pretty busy here.
- Supply Truck

Moving back and forth from supply docks or piles to the nearest Supply Center, Supply Trucks could collect a large quantity of supplies per run (up to $300/per run). Supply Trucks are cheap and can be quickly assembled in a Chinese supply Center. However, they are unarmed and lightly armored to keep costs down and to meet the minimum standard for having civilians as drivers. Also, unlike other supply collectors, once all the supplies on the battle field has been collected, they will have no further use to the commander.

Counters[edit | edit source]

We cannot afford to go around.
- Supply Truck

Entirely unarmed, Supply Trucks had to be kept safely away from harm and protected at all times. Being a non-combat unit, the Supply Truck was quite lightly armoured and vulnerable to almost any enemy units, especially tanks and aircraft.

However, being vehicles, they are unexpectedly useful against raiding assault infantry, who they can just run over if they do not move. Useful in particular against the General power Rebel Ambush. Though this tactic is useless against the infantry of General Juhziz, who are wired with explosives.

Selected Quotes[edit | edit source]

Let's pick up some goods!
- When emerging from the Supply Center
Supply Truck here.
- When selected
There is much money to be made.
- When selected
This is tight schedule!
- When selected
We are pretty busy here.
- When selected
Where do you want these?
- When selected
Hehe, very economical.
- When moving
Where is the nearest depot?
- When moving
Are supplies over there?
- When moving
Is this a shortcut?
- When moving
We will move the goods.
- When moving
Is that a supply?
- When ordered to run over
I don't think it's worth anything.
- When ordered to run over
We cannot afford to go around.
- When ordered to run over
More provisions on the way.
- When ordered to collect supply
We will get more supplies.
- When ordered to collect supply
Keep the money flowing!
- When ordered to collect supply
Resuming the supply routes.
- When ordered to collect supply
China will need a new supply source.
- When run out of supplies
There are no more supplies here.
- When run out of supplies
We have exhausted the supplies.
- When run out of supplies
This supply source is depleted.
- When run out of supplies

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There was an alternate model for the Chinese supply truck. Instead of being one piece, it's a truck with a trailer. This was used for the old supply collecting logic, but the developers preferred the other truck, so this one went unused. This model was used by General Kwai in the Shockwave mod.
  • Visually, the supply truck carries a large amount of supply crates in one load, while the American Chinook only carries a single crate. However, the Chinook can still carry twice as much supplies as the supply truck in one load.

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