City Under Siege

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City Under Siege
City Under Siege.jpg
Geographic data
Location Berlin, Germany
Environment Urban
Skirmish information
Players 2-4
Game information

City Under Siege is a 2-to-4 player urban skirmish map for Yuri's Revenge.


Game map

City Under Siege is a Battle and Free For All mode map with a layout that resembles that of a Team Alliance mode map. In both the upper right and lower left corners of the map, there are three captureable Oil Derricks surrounded by barbed wire fences. In the upper right half of the map there are two starting points divided by a Psychic amplifier and two Psychic beacons (none of which can be captured). The entire map is horizontally divided by a Soviet equivalent to the real-world, Berlin Wall.

Its setting is rather questionable, as it may be a confrontation between East and West Germany, a Soviet invasion on a German city along the Berlin Wall, an American occupied and Soviet controlled portion of Germany under dispute (prior to the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster), or a partly Soviet occupied German city that is being disputed over by Soviet and Yuri's forces due to the existence of several Psychic Beacons and a Psychic Amplifier on the map.


  • The actual existence of the location in the map is questionable as the Berlin Wall (dividing the map) may have not actually occurred since Hitler and the Nazi Party never existed to be defeated in World War II. However, there is the possibility that the Soviet Union decided to build the wall after the war as a result of the merging timelines created after the erasing of Hitler.
    • Due to the presence of American flags one side of the wall and Soviet flags on the opposite site with Psychic structures, it is possible that the map is set prior to the events of Yuri's Revenge.
  • The site of the Psychic Beacons and Amplifier bears some resemblance to the grounds of the Nazi rally grounds near Nuremberg. This location could have also been created due to the merging timelines after the removal of Hitler.
  • Upon installing Yuri's Revenge the map becomes for Battle and Free For All mode in Red Alert 2.
  • This is the only skirmish map in either Yuri's Revenge or Red Alert 2 to feature Psychic beacons or Psychic amplifiers. And this is also the only map in Yuri's Revenge where the Psychic Amplifier is shown.
  • Strangely, the construction menu offers the option to build naval shipyards despite the map not featuring any bodies of water.

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