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Civilian truck

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Civilian trucks were trucks designed for civilian use. Sometimes they are pressed into service in the front line for various purposes. This type of conscription is common on the battlefield and applies to any other civillan device as well.

Third Tiberium War[edit | edit source]

Nod used a truck to transport the final Liquid Tiberium Bomb components to Temple Prime. The transport aircraft was shot down in Slovenia and the remainder of the trip through the siege had to be made overland. In South America, Nod used a similar truck to evacuate the Bomb from the GDI siege network.

The Scrin invasion during the war forced GDI Future-Tech Lab engineers to flee by truck. The convoy moved from Munich under fire to a nearby subway station. A number of breakdowns occurred en route because of the sustained damage.

GDI used the same truck chassis to carry the stash of nuclear warheads in Australia. Due to its civilian design, is could easily have been chased and taken over by Nod.