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Cold Hard Truth

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Cold Hard Truth
CnC4 G2.png

Spontaneous Outbursts


Further Complications


Transport Down

Part of

Ascension Conflict


7th May 2077


Arctic Circle


Military victory for GDI

  • TCN Hub self destructs

Global Defense Initiative

Brotherhood of Nod

Nod Separatists


Seize the Arctic Hub

Protect the Hub

Destroy the Hub





One Crawler

  • Accompanying GDI forces

Nod arsenal

Nod arsenal

Cold Hard Truth was the fifth GDI mission in Tiberian Twilight. Colonel James and Parker went to the Arctic to investigate an unidentifiable signal that was coming from the Arctic TCN Hub.

Background[edit | edit source]

Enraged that Kane had to fight her army in New Adana to realign the New Adana Hub, and that Rios cut her off when James attempted to argue the fact, Colonel James went against the orders of GDI High Command to collect evidence that Kane had other motives. Parker was initially ordered by a reluctant General Riggs to stand down his commanding officer. But the death of his wife Lillian at the seeming hands of Nod forces made Parker decide to side with James and investigate a mysterious signal coming from the Arctic Hub.

The battle[edit | edit source]

Deployment[edit | edit source]

As Parker deployed his crawler some distance west of the Hub, he witnessed a battle already underway at the Hub between Nod loyalists and the Nod separatists. Knowing that this complicates matters, Parker decided to build up his army and the firepower needed to overcome both Nod parties. Since he was intially outnumbered and that the Nod deployment zones were dangerously near to engage in direct combat, he decided to go stealth and only engaged vulnerable Nod units.

Crashing the party and capturing the Hub[edit | edit source]

As he made his way to the Hub, James notified that there were two Nod excavation teams attempting to activate two of the latest Mammoth Tanks frozen in the ice and suggested to Parker to take them out before the Mammoths fight for Nod's cause. As the Mammoths would bring extra firepower, Parker sent his forces to kill the Nod excavators and activated the tanks for GDI. Now ready to take both Nod factions on, Parker proceeded to destroy the defenses surrounding the Hub and then mop up all Nod defenders and Separatists alike before capturing the Hub's satellite communications centre to hack into Kane's plans. Since it would take time to upload the information, Sergeant Nash instructed Parker to defend the satelltie center from Nod attackers, wheter they were Kane's forces or Separatists.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Parker successfully managed to hold out long enough for the information to be fully uploaded. As James congratulated the commander however the Arctic Hub self-destructed, the explosion and the shockwave wiping out all GDI Nod and Separatist combatants and civilians within a large radius. James then realised that it was a lethal wild goose chase set up by Kane himself. Meanwhile the latter, now knowing that James is a thorn to his side, prepares to force down her GST ship.

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