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Command & Conquer DOS patch 1.18

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Patch 1.18
Westwood Studios
Command & Conquer (DOS version)
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Patch 1.18 for Command & Conquer was released in 1996.

The downloadable patch archive includes all the patch 1.08a.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixes money refund problem when selling silos - the money refunded when selling a silo was being credited incorrectly. This has been fixed. In order for a fixed version to play with an unfixed version - possible when in a multiplayer game - a special command line option must be used. Pass the parameter "-o" to the C&C.EXE executable.
  • Cost of Nod turrets changed to 600 credits - this addresses a balance issue regarding Nod turret production.
  • Nuclear crate collection allows Nod nuclear missile - collection of the special nuclear crates in certain Nod missions will allow a nuclear missile to be launched from the Temple of Nod in the final mission of the game.
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