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Command and Conquer Wiki:Refit and Revamp

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This is a Command & Conquer Wiki project, a collaborative effort to raze and pillage improve the quality of Wiki articles, according to the scope of the project.
Scope:Cleanup and rewrite articles to match standards estabilished by the Wiki guidelines

Refit and Revamp is a project dedicated to clean up articles on the wiki, standardize them according to the layout guidelines and bring them up to speed.

Stage 1: Units and buildings Stage 2: Campaign mission articles Stage 3: Characters

Scope[edit source]

  • Standardize unit and building articles according to:
  • Rewrite articles in the present tense
  • Remove defunct categories with the Generals: and RA2: prefix

Revamping stages[edit source]

Games template[edit source]

Ensure Template:Games is placed with the appropriate codes.

Infobox[edit source]

Infoboxes should have at least these fields filled in (Template:UnitBox):

|name         = {{PAGENAME}}
|image        = In-game image of the unit in question
|faction      = 
|role         = Role the unit/building fulfills
|tier         = 1
|hp           = Numerical or approximate value
|armortype    = Light
|cost         = 
|req          = Buildings/upgrades required to build
|groundattack = What it uses to attack ground
|airattack    = Ditto but air
|power        = (buildings only) drain on power (use negative values for drain)

Article body[edit source]

  • Rewrite the article in the present tense
  • Maintain article layout guideline
  • The unit icon must be to the top left of the article, avoid JPEGs

Categories[edit source]

  • Make sure the unit/building is placed in the proper category:
    • At least two are required for units: <game name/suffix> <unit type> and <game name/suffix> <faction abbreviation> Arsenal.
    • So, for example, Rifleman squads are categorized as [[Category:Tiberium Wars infantry]] and [[Category:Tiberium Wars GDI Arsenal]]

Participants[edit source]

Categories and articles included in project scope[edit source]

Progress[edit source]

Place links to articles you've edited below: