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Composite armor (Tiberium Wars)

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Composite armor

GDI infantry with composite armour
GDI infantry with composite armour

CNC3 GDI logo.png GDI


$2000 (TW)
$1500 (KW)

Build time

0:20 (TW)
0:45 (KW)

Researched at


Hot key


Affected objects

Rifleman squad
Missile squad
Grenadier squad

Composite armor is an upgrade for GDI infantry units that provides them with much better protection.

The suits of armor are made from lightweight composite alloys that are grayish in hue. The set includes a vest, arm and thigh pads as well as a better helmet and is issued at the Armory to soldiers hailing from Rifleman Squads, Missile Squads and Grenadier Squads.

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